Audio & Lighting


  • Music console with various sound inputs including Cd/Mp3, Usb, Ipod and laptop.
  • 2 x E-Tone 500W RMS freestanding quality speakers with powerful amp.
  • 2 x QSC K12 powered speakers on stands (Small to medium rooms of 60 people or less).
  • 1 x Shure SM58  wireless microphone.


  • T-Bar height adjustable stand with 4 x LED wash lights creating 8 colours for the dance floor. Music activated or may be programmed for various chases and patterns via DMX controller.
  • Music activated “Moonflower” effects light with 469 LEDS in 4 colours.
  • Mirror Ball with 2 x white LED pin spots.
  • LED Waterwave – Makes a water effect on a wall (6 colours rotating or static 1 colour)
  • LED Ultra Violet (UV) light – Makes white and fluro glow. Looks amazing on a wedding dress.
  • Up to 6 LED wash lights for wall or pillar up lighting in your choice of colour.
  • LED “Invincible” effects light.
  • LED multi lens large area multi coloured rotating effects light.

You may choose to mix and match lighting to create a desired effect or colour.

Your DJ will assess best positioning to place equipment once arriving at the venue unless otherwise directed by the staff or by client preference.